Bellissima الوكيل الحصري لمستحضرات في الجنوب

By Dr Elias Saab


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إزالة الشعر والوبر نهائياً بأحدث الطرق



Pulsar – The Visible Difference


The Pulsar Intense Pulsed Light System is our 5th generation IPL system with proven design and technology with fully documented results.

The Pulsar Intense Pulsed Light System's applicators emit instant high energy pulses of light to treat: Unwanted hair, sunspots, rosacea, spider veins, facial telangiectasias, birthmarks, scars, pigmented lesions, vascular lesions, acne, stretch marks and more.








Cavistar Advance

An efficient, fast and secure result: The optimization of the treatment through the combination of therapies, permitting the Ultrasonic Cavitation to emulsify the fat, therefore offering the visualization of the results from the first session. Meanwhile the VDM favors the lymphatic drainage and the mobilization of the tissue. As a complement you can carry out in another session the Electroporation, a therapy that favors the corporal reduction and modelation.

إخسري حتى 20 سنتم دهن بواسطة Cavistar مع مراقبة الماء والعضل والدهن بإشراف اخصائية تغذية

- Drainage Lymphatique

- Electroporation











-Pure vertical movement
-Slim, light and trendy design
-Easier to move and easier to install
-Convenient LED display panel with touch sensor
-Reliable sinusoidal sonic waves from digital amplifier
-Soft and smooth delivery of sonic wave vibration
-Independent control of frequency and intensity
-Safe with acceleration control sensor
-Developed with unique patent technology


Sport من دون Sport !

كل عشر دقائق تعادل ساعة من الرياضة










1- علاج التجاعيد : حقن الوجه ( Filler ) بواسطة الـ Hyaluronic acid.

2- نضارة البشرة وصفائها وإزالة التجاعيد والسواد حول العين.

3- تبييض البشرة والتخلص من البقع والكلف للوجه.

4- علاج تشققات الحمل.

5- حقن الشفاه بالـ Collagen والـ Hyaluronic acid .


Acne Scar Removal
Pigment Stabilization
Skin Texture
Large Pore.





علاج كامل للبشرة والكلف بالاضافة الى المسّاج مع كل جسة

- Nettoyage (Ionto)

- Mask Collagen , Gold , Caviar

- Purifying Mask

- Vitamin E


تاتو للوجه والجسم -






















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